~ Gratitudes ~

‘Provocative in a safe way, in a safe container to access what was unconscious. Pamela uses sensory and visual imagination to discover my owner answers.’

~ AL ~ Ashland, OR

‘Pamela’s words and presence held space for my truth and real needs to come easily forward. After one hour with Pamela, I have more clarity than I’ve had in months.’

~ MM ~ Ojai, CA

‘Huge prayer of gratitude going out for your presence, caring and compassion yesterday in my time of need.  I see how deep and strong you are in your feminine essence.’

~ MD ~ Los Altos, CA

‘Your listening to me and personal witnessing about my issue helped me move through it and I can hardly tell you how grateful I am that you so beautifully and patiently talked with me about this subject. . . you’re a sweet little kick in the pants.’

~ JL ~ Mill Valley, CA

‘At crucial times in my life, Pamela Melton has been an invaluable help to me as a coach. When I have been confused about an important decision or a thorny relationship problem, I can rely on Pamela to listen intently, ask pertinent questions that can reframe the issue, offer insightful feedback, and uncover solutions that were previously hidden from me before.  I like that Pamela draws from different modalities, like Human Design, energy work, Family Constellations, and her empathy to help her clients. Because of this, I feel there is a depth of wisdom, garnered over many years, that you don’t always find with other coaches. One has the feeling that she is passionate about her work and truly cares about helping her clients. Her style is  kind-hearted and compassionate, and she can also see and cut through right to the core of an issue, which is often just what I wanted and needed.’

~ VP ~  San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

‘Practical, immediate and focused!’

~ MH ~ Berkeley, CA

‘I want to thank Pamela from the bottom of my heart. She has a true gift to give and I feel blessed to have recieved it. She conveyed things to me in a way as if talking to my inner soul who was just waiting to hear that, I think for a long time. And I heard it! Something deep within resonated at the very moment, in a clear voice, like hearing her voice from within. Things are making so much sense now and a shift is happening towards being in harmony with who I am. And it’s so simple! I can truly say that my experience with Pamela is one that has the powerful potential, if we just allow it to happen, to change our life in a profound and beautiful way by getting us in touch with our innermost truth. Thank you, thank you, thank you!’

~ PR ~ Chiliyanaula, Ranikhet India

‘Pamela’s coaching provided me an interesting and empowering perspective that focuses on the potential of myself as an individual rather than the perspective of ‘predetermination.’  This is both practical and inspiring.’

~ CD ~ Minneapolis, MN

‘Fascinating, enlightening and professional.’

~ CH ~ Flagstaff, AZ

‘Thank you Pamela for the amazing reading. It was great information to take in and it’s always wonderfully healing to be in your presence.’

~ TC ~ Nevada City, CA

‘I’m so glad I consulted with Pamela for my intimate relationship concerns. Her presence and wisdom allowed me to let go of my resistance to love and really relax and enjoy it. Thank you, Pamela!’

~ GC ~ Santa Rosa, CA

‘Pamela is avant guard with a multi-disciplinarian approach to life, a psychoanalytical pioneer.  She’s a nuevo, wholesale subscriber to the new world modeling, living in the present moment, experientialized to be here as an ambassador ~ an indefatigable optimist.’

~ RD ~  Taos, NM

‘Pamela is a mentor with great wisdom, intuition, professionalism and excellent business sense. Through Pamela I have learned to trust others, be more confident, and be a better communicator and to laugh at myself. I’ve learned to tap more into myself for the answers and to respect others more. Through Pamela’s mentoring I am tapping more into my vast consciousness and becoming more awake. I am experiencing so much more about myself than I have ever experienced in my life and I am so grateful to Pamela!’

~ KB ~ Knoxville, TN

‘You are quite a wise woman in a valuable position, we all would like to be there but don’t know where to start. If I could have that constant confidence and well being… will be perfection, or the closest to heaven or god that I can picture. You are an inspiration.’

~ ES ~ Ashland, OR

‘Pamela, meeting you has changed me forever. You are such a kind, loving and wise spirit amidst this energy we call life. It is the essence of your being. It is YOU. I know this because it never falters for a moment. You uphold your love for this life with undying joy and passion. Challenges that baffle others only energize you further and reaffirm your gift here for us. You have helped me to let go of so many obstacles that I struggled with and taught me and still teach me to this day – how to overcome those obstacles and operate in this life the way I was meant to, with the least amount of resistence. One conversation via a phone call – sets me back on the correct path with added laughter. But one opportunity to sit in your presence and feel your spirit is like an awakening. You have a gift. You are an amazing woman Pamela. I am so blessed to know you. ~ Peace.’

~ KT ~ Ennis, MT

‘Pamela is a counselor, coach, collaborator and generator of new ideas and approaches, a team-builder, and someone who can lead a team to fulfill audacious objectives that might seem impossible at the outset. Pamela does this from a deeply rooted instinctual femininity combined with a very well developed set of traditionally valued masculine and worldly skills. Working with Pamela is an experience of profound support and energetic creative collaboration at the same time. I encourage anyone who is interested to make use of her skills and her “being” – with the stipulation that you don’t get my appointment space on Pamela’s calendar and I reserve the right to ask her for more!’

~ SB ~ Sonoma, CA

‘Pamela is a very gifted and insightful life coach. She has helped me in getting through obstacles regarding my work, friendships, and home, and has greatly improved my quality of life. I highly recommend her.’

~ CM ~ Half Moon Bay, CA

‘Pamela provides a unique kind of listening that encourages my deepest honesty to come out. It takes a lot of silence to allow the truth in your being to come out, and in my experience, Pamela has that. She also provides a unique kind of patience because over time I have learned how fiercely dedicated she is to my unfolding of my own path. She has the patience to see me through many twists and turns so that my true way could be revealed. The reflection she gives is a lot like that of a river – only a river who can talk – she seems to embody at a deep level an example of how to relax into all one can be.  For all that, my work with her has been an amazing gift.’

~ DAS ~ Ashland, OR

‘I’m still resonating from this unique Human Design reading. Your approach was transformative, intimate and personal.  This process penetrated a deep energy within and I left with a meaningful balance and calm that confirmed my path to honor myself where I am.  Thank you for this amazing validation and awareness.’

~ JO ~ Fairfax, CA

‘Pamela is tremendously skilled at being with me and supporting me as I am which allows for new, authentic and practical insights to emerge. She takes me to the next step from this space of holding partnered with her compassion. Not many people can do this and through Pamela’s example I can be more compassionate with myself.’

~ LH ~ Fairfield, IA

‘Pamela elicits thoughts to inspire clarity and differing perspectives to help achieve what I want to achieve. Her coaching style is fun and mind expanding.’

~ VR ~ Montrose, CO

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