~ Core Clarity Involution ~

Core Clarity Involution is a journey of awareness from the heart of our lives to allow what is true and that which resonates uniquely within each of us, the presence of our intrinsic whole “being.”  While there may seem like many paths, there is but one ultimate Direction and that is to the recognition of your own illuminating Self which has never left you. This awareness inspires one to:

  • Respect, trust and transmute that which once served us and is now ready to be left behind or integrated
  • Re-claim, re-member and relate with the genius aspects of ourselves that may feel or appear to be separate
  • Cherish, nurture, embrace, and trust our natural intrinsic essence of well-being

This process allows for the harmonizing of seeming duality or internal conflicts, which allows for the emergence of resonance and delight with each gift and genius revealed!  This can result in a freedom like no other in which you experience the full melody of your life within the natural rhythm inherent in all life. This is a process of re-membering your beautiful, innate and naturally unique notes within the symphony of life. This is not freedom from life but freedom as life!

  • Are you experiencing the full range of your life with comfort, ease and joy just as you are?
  • Are you living your life from the fullness of your authentic Self in presence?
  • When did you last experience yourself as naturally, intrinsically whole and free?

Through this co-active and co-creative process you can rest into the true nature of heart and therefore live the life you know and trust as uniquely yours.  This natural, refreshing, life affirming presence of which we are all born is uniquely expressed from inclusion of all that we are and all that is in each moment.  Your natural presence includes resting into your heart awareness of “being” in your body, deeply rooted in your life and therefore naturally in service within spirit, yourself, your loved ones and community.

I’m committed to:

  • Honoring the naturally creative, resourceful and whole being that you are
  • Engaging with you to reveal and cultivate your unique genius
  • Accepting us as we are and the inherent grace in relational presence and intelligence
  • Relinquishing judgment through-out the process
  • Treasuring your genius as it unfolds in step with your innate wisdom and direction!

Are YOU Ready?

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