Coaching ~ The Way of Spirit


Through integral coaching I offer a co-creative experience with you to facilitate relaxing into your true nature.   This is a relational presence process by which you can drop into yourself and your life as the richness and fullness in which it really already is.  This allows for openings of awareness and therefore a presence of joy.  From this deeper trusting presence, totality can be experienced and connection with Self and other further deepens.  Graced response-ability is present.  This can allow for a reverence of all that is, for you individually and therefore collectively. From here: present, authentic, action, specific to you is available. Let’s join in the light of spirit and live the LOVE and Joy you know you are.

Genius Report

There are many things between heaven and earth that science today cannot yet explain. Quantum mechanics researchers are already on the trail of the cosmic matrix’s big secrets.  And all those that explore the world of quanta eventually find out that our universe is pervaded by a regulating conscious force.  Some scientific theories even postulate that the universe is a living organism.  The good thing is: You can check the validity of the statements given in your Genius Report yourself.  And that’s certainly the best verification.  Once you know your strengths and gifts, you can make wiser decisions.  Because the quality of each decision is dependent on the quality of information you have and your Core Clarity connection within.  The Genius Report can certainly support your awareness and thus your Self confidence.  Genius Report 

I’m committed to:

  • Honoring the naturally creative, resourceful and whole being that you are
  • Engaging with you to reveal and cultivate your unique genius
  • Accepting us as we are and the inherent grace in relational presence and intelligence
  • Relinquishing judgment through-out the process
  • Treasuring your genius as it unfolds in step with your innate wisdom and direction!

Within Spiritual Context

  • All of the above is a blessing engaging deeply within a spiritual context to receive and provide counsel.


Contact Pamela to engage with your innate genius and wisdom.  The path to source is shorter than you think and you may recognize it in an instant.

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