About Pamela

An Unfolding. . .

What if you recognized  yourself resting into your natural essence of being and from there aligned with your unique direction and expression ?

This life, just as yours, is held in perfect grace and harmony in and with the infinite totality.

By learning, living and embodying various disciplines that have resonated including advanced training at the Coaches Training Institute accredited by the International Coaching Federation, I provide an integrated and practical approach to my practice.  My motto: Spirit doesn’t discern and therefore knows abundance in all phenomena.  Yes, this is practical.

What follows are some ‘structured credentials.’  While my life path has led me through these processes, I rarely identify with them as who I am, but rather view them as guided steps along a journey of grace and integration. 

I’m a Coaches Training Institute graduate with a Bachelors in Human Development as well as a Masters in NGO Administration.  I’ve been providing Human Design readings and guidance for well over a decade and am a certified Genius Report Coach.  I’m blessed, as are you, to engage deeply within a spiritual context to receive and provide counsel.  

With formal education in and over a decade of experience within the Human Resources field, I know the importance of knowing one’s contribution and value within a team.  The Genius Report is the perfect synergy of these dynamics regardless of the career you presently hold or are considering.  

I consider myself fortunate to be at 20+ years of consistently coaching with and without the tools described above.

Graciously, I welcome our meeting here on this amazing journey and deeply appreciate the all that you are.

Until again . . . . . .

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~ Certifications and Trainings along The Way ~

Coaches Training Institute

Genius Report

The Hoffman Process

Appreciative Inquiry

The Work of Byron Katie


Est Training (at 21 years young ~ remember the early human potential movement?)

Compassionate Communication

and  . . . .

the ever present living moment . . .