About Pamela

An Unfolding. . .

What if you allowed yourself to rest into your natural essence of being?


I can tell you the story of my life so far anyway complete with stages, plots, characters, costumes, and a kaleidoscope of scripts that weave and re-verberate through each other like the red thread of any soul’s journey.  While I love a good story, what I prefer to share here is a bit of what I’ve gleaned through surrendering to and co-creating with such mystery and discovery as this story continues to unfold.

I have lost only that which I believed I owned. I’ve felt deeply every emotion in which there is a name for and many for which there may never be words for and know the universal peace from which they reside.  I’ve struggled to find meaning and found joy instead.  I’ve looked for love and found it abundantly within my Self.

I’ve been honored to witness the sacredness of death expectedly and unexpectedly and know it’s not to fear. I’ve had so much money I didn’t know what to do with it and had so little I didn’t know where my next meal was coming from and discovered neither circumstance or points in between have anything to do with who I am or why I’m here.  I’ve discovered that sometimes the breakdown is the breakthrough.  I’ve been brought to my knees by exquisite beauty and acute pain and find the places, where life flows like a mountain spring very comfortable.  I’ve travelled roads unknown externally and internally and discovered the unknown presence is what dreams are made of. Dreams I can’t possibly predict or plan but dreams from which my soul explicitly has written in the delicate confines of my heart and reveals moment by moment.

I’ve discovered that fear graciously greeted with Love is a doorway of adventure to the unexpected and often delightful on the other side and that whatever is repressed is pleading to come alive, often in disguise and is rarely personal as divine evolution includes and integrates leaving nothing out, including you.  I’ve discovered that just because I think I know what’s going to happen tomorrow most assuredly doesn’t mean it will. I’ve discovered that when we honor surrendering into loving heart awareness we cannot be harmed and simultaneously can be touched by anything and everything.  I’ve discovered that for deep within the depth of any perceived fall is also the courage to rise again and that true power has nothing to do with force.  I’ve discovered humor and humility can elevate any situation to include universal humanity.  I’ve discovered the journey itself is the life and continuously returns us to our center presence as an infinite evolving being, as the experiencer of this incredible gift of life we’re given.  I’ve discovered that with the acceptance of our limitations comes a resting maturity as well as a transcendence of them.

While the content and context of our sovereign stories may vary and each is a marvel and gem in and of itself we can take delight and joy in being aware of our story as it plays out.  The observer, the true Self cannot be found because it is not lost, never has been and never will be. In a mystical sense I’ve discovered that my life really has nothing to do with me and therefore I needn’t concern my self with it – where it’s been or where it’s going and this is freedom like no other. This life, just as yours, is held in perfect grace and harmony in and with the infinite totality.

Do you resonate with this? Do you feel a re-cognition?   . . .

By learning, living and embodying various disciplines that have resonated including advanced training at the Coaches Training Institute accredited by the International Coaching Federation, I provide an integrated and practical approach to my practice.  My motto: Spirit doesn’t discern and therefore knows abundance in all phenomena.

I’m a Coaches Training Institute graduate with a Bachelors in Human Development as well as a Masters in NGO Administration.  Ultimately and humbly, I experience life itself as our wisest and greatest teacher!

This grounded fascination, deeply lived experience, curiosity and passion about human evolution, our soul nature and transformational development continues today and will be evident to you as you rediscover your true genius nature.

Graciously, I welcome our meeting here on this amazing journey and deeply appreciate the all that you are.

Until again . . . . . .

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~ Some Grateful Journeys ~

Coaches Training Institute

The Hoffman Process

The Work of Byron Katie

Est Training (at 21 years young ~ remember the early human potential movement?)

The Circling Institute

Compassionate Communication

and . . . .

the ever present living moment . . .