Individual Integral Coaching

Through individual integral coaching I offer a co-creative experience with you to relax into your true nature.   This is a relational presence process by which you can drop into yourself and your life as the richness and fullness in which it really already is.  This allows for openings of awareness and therefore a presence of joy.  From this deeper trusting presence, unity can be experienced and connection with self and other further deepens.  Full response-ability is present.  This can allow for a reverence of all that is, for you individually and therefore collectively. From this presence, authentic, correct, responsible action specific to you is available.

I’m committed to:

Honoring the naturally creative, resourceful and whole being that you are

Engaging with you to reveal and cultivate your unique gifts

Accepting us as we are and the inherent grace in relational presence and intelligence

Relinquishing judgment through-out the process

Treasuring the intimate transformations as they unfold.

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