Couples / Group Integral Coaching


I offer integral coaching to couples that are passionate about the essence of shared intimacy.  From the places that terrify you to the places of ecstasy you can rediscover yourself in and with your intimate partner.  I support couples to co-create healthy, conscious relationship that is grounded in mutual love, respect and discovery through relational presence.


Group integral coaching is available for no more than six who are specifically interested in living and playing the edge of discovery of themselves with others through trusting the organic relational intelligence inherent in relating itself. Each group is comprised of individuals who wish to discover, express, support and co-evolve with each other to flourish and thrive.  Each individual can co-create within this space to discover the synergy within this relational intelligence and presence.  The ‘way’ is the destination.

I’m committed to:

Honoring the naturally creative, resourceful and whole being that you are

Engaging with you to reveal and cultivate your unique gifts

Accepting us as we are and the inherent grace in relational presence and intelligence

Relinquishing judgment through-out the process

Treasuring the intimate transformations as they unfold.

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